warning! there's video game gore below! if you can't handle that please turn back now!

"You have no idea what I have planned for you. It'll be in the news for weeks. I'll make sure of that."

danny "jed olsen" johnson, also known as "the ghostface", is a stealth killer in dead by daylight. using his ability to stalk his prey, he can instantly down his target with one hit if he manages to watch them for long enough.

ghostface (but i like to call him "danny phantom") was my first main in DbD. he was the first DLC killer i bought! ghostface is also one of my favourite classic slashers in general, i love scream! even though this ghostface isn't the actual ghostie from the movies, i still love this interpretation of the ghostface character and the originality of his backstory and design is super cool. i love this stinky narcissistic asshole. uwu

this is all of danny's audio from the game files! i love his hard, husky sigh when he gets stunned, lol. also the old stalking audio is so creepy i love it!! i wish the devs kept it but i understand why they took it out, it would make stalking survivors very difficult if they got an audio cue every time. it's at the 1:52 mark in the video.

danny's memento mori animation is so brutal but hot,,, i love it!! even when he's being horrible and brutally murdering someone he manages to be his nasty narcissistic self. uwu

because the dbd devs didn't have the idea to make original chase themes for each of the killers during ghostie's development, he doesn't have an official one unlike caleb who does. however! this is some fanmade chase music and i think it's amazing!! it's so perfect!!!