warning! there's video game gore below! if you can't handle that please turn back now!

"Bloody fool, you pulled the trigger on yourself."

caleb quinn, also known as the deathslinger, is a killer in dead by daylight. he uses a gun he invented called "the redeemer" to chain and reel in survivors before slashing them with a sharp bayonet.

caleb is currently my most favourite killer and i am deeply obsessed with him,,, i find him very handsome and he's very fun to play (even if im not particularly good at it). i love the way he laughs after getting a hit, i love his lore, i love his design- UGH i love caleb so much. caleb is wonderful.

I FINALLY GOT A DEATHSLINGER TO MORI ME IM SO HAPPY!!!!!! here's me getting mori'd as bill!!!!!!

some of my favourite interactions in the endgame chat with a killer who was deathslinger. uwu i censored the names just in case they don't wanna be featured on my filthy webpage lmao

here's some of caleb's voice audio pulled from the game files, i love hearing him,,,

caleb's memento mori animation. i love it so much!!!!!!