what even is this creature?

subject file

name: ghoztface
race: finnish + filipino
age: 19
religion: solitary kemetic
hobbies: drawing, crochet, video games, horror movie binging
pets: xavior (cockatiel)
fav food: spicy noodles
fav drink: coca cola
relationship status: taken

relationship status

subject is in a relationship with an entity by the name of venus. there is no subject file for this entity but it does have a twitter.


-games: dead by daylight, silent hill, dark souls, mortal kombat, fnaf, tf2, hotline miami, danganronpa

-movies: harry potter, marvel, horror slasher films in general lol

-shows: invader zim, transformers prime, metalocalypse, star trek

-internet series: tribetwelve, marble hornets, satellite city, interface